Taslitz, Paris and Herbert's
Constitutional Criminal Procedure, (4th Edition)

Our 5th Edition Casebook is Due Out in 2013

The Fourth Edition contains substantial explanatory text, careful use of case excerpts, selected reprinting of more substantial portions of the most teachable seminal cases, and availability of supplementary materials conducive to a wide range of teaching methods and styles that characterized the earlier editions. One particular highlight is the reorganization of chapters and intra-chapter material that should add flexibility to instructors in selecting which topics they wish to cover in depth. Building on the strengths of the earlier edition, the Fourth Edition features articles, cases, and problems sprinkled throughout the text on the implications of the War on Terrorism for constitutional doctrine. It gives frequent attention to new insights on how the constitutional law of search and seizure, confessions, lineups, and the effective assistance of counsel can alter the risk of wrongful convictions. The Fourth Edition gives attention to alternatives to the courts as institutions for regulating police behavior and to the role of changing technologies in the evolution of constitutional criminal procedure.

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Taslitz, Paris and Herbert's Constitutional Criminal Procedure, 4th, 2013 Supplement
The 2013 Supplement is Now Available

This law school casebook supplement to Taslitz, Paris and Herbert's Constitutional Criminal Procedure includes expertly edited cases issued since the release of the casebook, as well as class notes and problems for class discussion.

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